Your argument is invalid. Goodbye. 

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It looks like Tom is about to fucking cry.

If he was touched, it’s kinda understandable.

I mean, think about it. He is cast as a villain. Sure, it’s a fun role (especially since it’s such a multifaceted, complicated character). He might make a name for himself in the world if you’re lucky, but really, what other expectations did he have?

The film’s protagonist is attractive (in the very masculine, classic sense), strong—the person everyone will root for.

I can believe it if Tom never thought that his character—the bad guy—would become not only the most popular character in the Thor series, but possibly one of the most popular characters in the entire MCU. (Honestly, I think only RDJ’s Tony Stark might have him beat.)

And it just hit him, in this moment, how much people love the work he’s done. It’s overwhelming. I’m happy for him.



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The Lord Of Rings

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…alguém chega se encostando em mim logo pela manhã.



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tá complicado esquecer teu sorriso

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Haleb ❤️

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